SABR Software

  • Customizable task management and workflow solutions tailored to meet your business needs.
  • SABR is the next generation in Case Management systems, preferred by federally cleared intelligence and law enforcement clients.
  • Automate work assignment processes with a cost-effective, high-security system that can be easily adapted for a variety of different workflows and environments.
  • SABR is scalable to any work task, and operable in a non-secure environment, up to a High FISMA compliance level.

How SABR helps you…

  • The Only System of its Kind
  • Scalable and Flexible
  • Provide Real-Time Reporting
  • Gain Total Workforce Visibility
  • Continual Enhancements

SABR Software – Efficiency Ensured.

  • SABR auto-assigns and “pushes” work to employees based on set, experience level, quality rating, location, cost, and unique qualifications .
  • SABR gathers related tasks and workloads per defined work structure and provides financial status every step of the way

Key Benefits

  • Real time status of an organizations work in progress
  • Auto-task Assignments smartly assigns work in most efficient manner
  • Tested and secure up to High FISMA compliance level
  • Minimal development and customization time
  • Integrates with all existing data storage platforms
  • Automatically archives data entry log

Key Features

  • Assign work to employees based on resources and location
  • Mobile App Functionality
  • Groups like-Tasks and Workloads
  • Managers Alerts
  • Custom Progress Indicators to organize Objectives and Outcomes
  • Auto-generate Invoices and Reports
  • Create internal project work groups

Security on Your Side

SABR was built with flexibility in mind. This breakthrough management tool harnesses the strength of Pegasystems proven workflow management software, adding the ability to rapidly assess work requirements, and auto-assign to the ideal employee, while providing full insight into every detail.

Complete Control

Navigate between work items with ease.
Dashboards for:

  • Managers
  • Work Groups
  • Task Leads
  • Quality Assurance
  • Project Delivery
  • Human Resources

Stay Updated Every Step of The Way

  • Readily access all workflow information
  • Continuous project status updates
  • Quickly identify assigned and unassigned work
  • Glean detailed information for each work item

Discover SABR workflow solutions today.

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