Security Administration and Business Reporting

  • Real-time, actionable intel for every  employee 
  • Intuitive and user friendly
  • Flexible, manageable workflows
  • Scalable to organizational needs
  • Streamline processes

Make Smart Workforce Planning Decisions

Better understand your employees performance and productivity with SABR. SABR allows managers to easily track, analyze and evaluate workers – ensuring goals are met or trending issues are addressed.

Capture, Analyze, Act

Background Investigation

  • Security on your side
  • Auto-lead and task assignment
  • Alerts for regional managers
  • Identify lead assignment gaps
  • Consolidate leads by case review officers
  • Scope leads with multiple criteria

Workflow and Personnel Management

  • Track companies digital footprints
  • Monitor and manage employee workload
  • Establish and track performance goals
  • Use custom progress indicators to organize objectives and outcomes

Refreshingly Simple and Engaging

SABR helps managers plan employee development and retention strategies, identifying key influencers and future leaders within the organization. With the SABR system, you know more about your team than ever before.



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